Super Bowl Sunday Prep - 2016 Commercials, Austin Party List & Trivia

Posted by HomesATX Realtors on Friday, February 5th, 2016 at 9:06am.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?   The 2015-2016 season comes to an end this weekend with the Denver Broncos playing the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The Panthers are favored by 5.5 points. That means most people believe that they will win by 5.5 or 6 pts (since you can't score half pts in football).  I am pulling for the Panthers as I placed a Vegas bet on them before the playoffs started at 5/1 Odds.  If they win, I'll randomly pick a name out of the comments section and buy you a set of steak knives.  Go ahead - try me.

If you are undecided as to where to go for the big game, you should check out many of the public parTAYs around town listed here and here.  

There is a good chance it isn't much of a game so make sure you get your squares, prep for some trivia (see the snapshot below - I would stump everyone with "name the 4 players to score 3 TDs in a Super Bowl) and get a sneak peak at the 2016 Super Bowl Commercials that will air on Sunday.

Also - if you are bored at halftime, since Janet Jackson isn't performing, you can check the value of your home (or the Super Bowl Party's home) here.  Cheers.



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For those of you that want nothing to do with Football this week, take the kids to the FAMILY FUMP MUSIC FESTIVAL.

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