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Doug Coors, an engineer and avid surfer is bringing a first of it's kind inland surfing destination to Del Valle, 20 minutes outside of Austin.  Doug has been working on creating the perfect wave technology for 15 years and is ready to make this dream a reality.

The lagoon will feature 1, 4, and 6 foot waves every 60 seconds with the average ride time of 35 seconds per wave.   Think indoor skiing for surfers.  



NLand Surf Park will be located at 5478 Navarro Creek Rd, Del Valle.

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HomesATX recently received detail on what to do about your high water bill!


Per Ellen Troxclair:

Did you receive an unusually high water bill this month?  If you did, you aren’t alone.

 Recently, my office began receiving an overwhelming amount of calls regarding unanticipated higher than normal water bills.  In some cases, residents saw up to 600% increases and several hundred dollars more in typical bills, while their water use habits have not changed.  My staff and I immediately started compiling the information of the constituents contacting our office, making sure they knew how to report their concerns, and reporting the incidents to the appropriate city staff to investigate their cases. I began asking questions of the

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