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Deep Eddy Pool, located right off of Lake Austin Boulevard and Mopac (North of Lady Bird Lake) is a historic, man-made swimming pool in Austin, Texas that started off as a swimming hole in the Colorado River.  A.J. Eilers bought the land surrounding the swimming hole in 1915 and created a resort that featured a bathhouse, bathing beach, cabins, concessions, camping, concrete pool and the first of it's kind 50 ft diving board, tall slide, and zip line across the pool.  

The City of Austin bought the pool in 1935 and shortly there after experienced a massive flood on the Colorado River which destroyed the resort and all of the improvements.  The pool was then rebuilt and reopened in 1936 as a public park.  Over the years the

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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?   The 2015-2016 season comes to an end this weekend with the Denver Broncos playing the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The Panthers are favored by 5.5 points. That means most people believe that they will win by 5.5 or 6 pts (since you can't score half pts in football).  I am pulling for the Panthers as I placed a Vegas bet on them before the playoffs started at 5/1 Odds.  If they win, I'll randomly pick a name out of the comments section and buy you a set of steak knives.  Go ahead - try me.

If you are undecided as to where to go for the big game, you should check out many of the public parTAYs around town listed here and here.  

There is a good chance it isn't much of a game so make sure you get your squares,

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Are you ready?

Doug Coors, an engineer and avid surfer is bringing a first of it's kind inland surfing destination to Del Valle, 20 minutes outside of Austin.  Doug has been working on creating the perfect wave technology for 15 years and is ready to make this dream a reality.

The lagoon will feature 1, 4, and 6 foot waves every 60 seconds with the average ride time of 35 seconds per wave.   Think indoor skiing for surfers.  



NLand Surf Park will be located at 5478 Navarro Creek Rd, Del Valle.

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